Jul 192012

Look for this posterĀ & other signage at our booth at the Garland County Fair in September!

Restore Accountaility

Return Hot Springs to Strong Mayor/Aldermanic form of government

Only registered voters who are city residents are eligible to sign the petition.It will mandate an opportunity for city voters to decide “FOR” or “AGAINST” the change.

If sucessful, the city manager and board of directors would be replaced by a strong mayor/aldermanic form of government. Under the “new” system (which would be an abandonment of the city manager experiment and return to the original form of city government) department heads would be directly accountable to a mayor with hiring/firing authority. A directly elected official (the mayor) would be CEO of the city instead of an unelected city manager hired by the city directors, who takes no oath of office, and who cannot be fired by the voters at the polling places.

Clay Herrmann

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