May 082013

Supporters of voting “FOR” return to the aldermanic form of government have made extraordinary efforts to provide opportunities for both sides of this current election issue to appear in public debate, at moderated discussion forums, and in panel discussion in order to, in a fair and balanced manner,¬† provide opportunities for the electorate to have questions answered, and to become more educated and informed on this issue.

Those efforts have included:

1) an appeal to the Sentinel-Record Editor, Melinda Gassaway, for the paper to host a public debate or moderated panel discussion of this issue. No reply from the Sentinel-Record.

2) a face to face appeal and invitation to Jackie Arrison, Chief Operating Officer at the the Greater Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce, that the Chamber or another affiliated organization host a debate or discussssion forum allowing the public to hear from both sides. That invitation was discussed and declined.

3) An effort to have a debate or moderated panel discussion with an audience Q&A component, at National Park Community College, cooordinating plans¬†with Melony Ritter, Special Projects at NPCC. Miss Ritter reported that she communicated with the “AGAINST” Campaign leadership, and was informed that they were not interested in participating in any such public forum at the College.

But they were willing to have a get out the vote rally, so that uninformed city voters might eat free hot dogs and be encourged to vote for continuation of the current administration and form of government.

The color scheme in their advertizing logo is black and red, but should be black and yellow.

Clay Herrmann

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