May 022013
“Hot Springs City Manager” George Pritchett VS Aldermanic Advocate – Jock MacGregor: Glenn Gallas, Garland County TEA Party Chairman, moderating at a public forum hosted by the Garland County TEA Party at Phil’s Family Restaurant on April 24, 2013.
NOTE: repeated invitations were broadly extended to numerous representatives of the “SAVE OUR CITY COMMITTEE” to participate in a moderated public forum with both sides represented so that we might have a more informed electorate on this issue, but no one from the “VOTE AGAINST GOING BACKWARDS” group came forward willing to participate. In that absence George Pritchett volunteered to play the role of Hot Springs City Manager.
Hot Springs, Arkansas Special Election May 14, 2013
(nine city polling locations)

Early Voting starts May 7

Vote “FOR” change
(return to Aldermanic form of city government)

— or —

Vote “AGAINST” change
(retain existing City Manager form of city government)

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